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The difference between marketing

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Is marketing is selling …?
Many of us believed that marketing is the latest name to the word sale and this was in the distant past to some extent accepted definition, but after the emergence of marketing theories became this old concept is wrong and we find that the difference between marketing and sales is a big difference.
Sale is the discharge of the products that our existing stores, which actually seek to discharge markets.
The marketing means planning ahead to search for the needs of the consumer, who is a target for marketing the product, which is followed by the production process and then you will find the sales process Analabie became the process of marketing operations.
Marketing concept means the activity, for a share of the market for your products or services and therefore constantly in order to achieve more sales, whether in kind or service.
Here Qari Aziz After the important instructions that should be the subject of study for the establishment or thinking in the creation of new small project
1. First, know what are the goods and services they want and what their specifications Almstlk?
2. Why is the consumer prefers a product similar special with your product?
3. Consider a good competitor and study its product so that it can rival
4. Look for places consumers are the beneficiaries of your product and try to explore their thoughts?
5. Select your price to be competitive in order to help you achieve your sales
This means that you must be based study your opponent a good study and try to be characterized him as much as the possibilities available to you until you reach the sales ability Perhaps this thought is the one who succeeds in Egypt, specifically as a good concept and study the good the actual costs that help small on the success of the project because the projects large and giant corporations bear great burdens and expenses of the biggest and you download their products this big burden of expenses that can be provided in a small-scale project, which helps in the success of small businesses and develop their capacities and reach out to global markets.